Our Methodology is the single reason why we achieve 100% pass rates – we mentor, coach, motivate, guide and inspire every child to be the best version of themselves.


    At 11 Plus Course, each child receives 11+ programmes based on their individual learning styles and master all aspects of the 11+ exam through our explainer videos and mocks and a 100% 11+ Pass is inevitable at 11 Plus Course.


    100% Pass Rate in 11+ CEM Grammar over 5 Years means we know exactly what is required to pass the 11+. We serve parents with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Our Unique Process for 100% 11+ Pass Rates

We have an informal questionnaire to set out your motivations for engaging in 11+ expert mentoring and tuition for your child. We need to align our visions.

Using our proprietary methodology, we assess your child’s motivations, dominant learning styles and determine if they are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. Our detailed age appropriate diagnostic assessment ranks your child with their peers and we predict a target 11+ mark should your child complete our 11 Plus Online Course.

If your child is not at the required target level, you will be advised of an intensive booster course to fill gaps in knowledge. If they pass this they will be offered a place on the Online 11 Plus Course. If they do not, then honestly, a grammar school is not the right school for them for now. We can re-assess every 3 months.

At 11 Plus Course we are all about inspiration, metrics, data and results. Complete transparency of the chances of success, is the cornerstone of our 100% Pass Rate. Let us inspire your child to become the best version of themselves – Enrol Today!

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